Best PC Games Of 2019

It is always difficult to narrow these lists down to ten innings, but I think 2019 was one of the most difficult. When I put together our best game summary in mid-June to June, I wrote, “This list of the best games of the year is already so strong that it looks like a decent end for 2019.” , “After six months and dozens of versions, it’s almost impossible to decide what’s going on and what’s on the current list.

Resident Evil 2

Capcom has maintained the spirit of the original since 1998 and has even retained some of the most iconic pieces and puzzles from the respective adventures of Claire and Leon. But get over the nostalgia so that only a few versions are successful. One of my favorite changes is also a new one in the series: a map whose color changes depending on whether you have finished looking for a room or not. It’s a small change, but it shows both how technology has developed since 1998 and how discussions about difficulties have developed.

Heaven’s Vault

I think of all the games on this list, Heaven’s Vault ($ 25 on Steam) asks most of its audience. It is a game about history, an imaginary story of a lost galactic empire and what caused its fall. But it is a functional story, a knot that the player must untie. Heaven’s Vault hates giving direct answers to even the simplest of puzzles, rather than communicating through dilapidated mosaics and inscriptions on exposed walls and pieces of wood washed on the banks of the river.


Only Remedy could have taken control ($ 60 at the Epic Games Store). Remedy and his love of pulp and paranormal science fiction for Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks and New Weird. Remedy and the eccentric use of live action videos are a trick in choosing the right licensed song at the right time. Remedy and his talent for creating a shooting game, a talent that the studio has not fully appreciated since Max Payne 2.

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Planet Zoo

If “fun” were the only metric to play a role in the discussions of the game of the year, Planet Zoo ($ 45 on Steam) would bring the prize home. Frontier’s Zoo Tycoon sequel has been using the same Planet Coaster creation tools since 2016 and I’ve spent dozens and dozens of hours building everything from gigantic reptile houses to fake caves and sprawling caverns, placing every tree and swinging in this way. ,

Baba is You

You know what they’re saying: you have to know the rules to break them. A Baba is You ($ 15 on Steam), the rules couldn’t be clearer. Written in large capital letters on the spot, the underlying logic of this world has been revealed. baba is you, the stone presses. The wall is high. The flag must be won. Rules that require them to be broken.

Hypnospace Outlaw

I grew up early on the Internet, with AOL and GeoCities, as well as with Netscape and Napster. It is difficult for me to remember how the Internet worked before social networks appeared and centralized everything. But I grew up with it.

Hypnospace Outlaw ($ 20 on Steam) is like a small part of the nostalgic Internet. You seem to be a moderator of HypnOS, an AOL clone that people use in their sleep. They are said to be patrolling for copyright infringement, harassment and other cybercrimes. But the real joy lies in the exploration of this strange time capsule, in which the lemonades are advertised with dad’s terrible jingle rock, on which each website contains at least one rotating GIF and an extract of flickering text in which the hit counters. an integral part of the furniture and where neighborhood disputes play visibly for everyone.

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Apex Legends

The card is fantastic, the ping communication system should have all the FPS from now on, the weapons and movements are so fun (not walking on the wall but sliding downhill is fantastic) and it’s free not to pay with anything, except with cosmetics. It’s not the game we expected Respawn to be, but we’re glad it’s here.

Rainbow Six Siege

Sharpen your sexiest cousin. The siege may not include CS: the sharpness and purity of the blow of GO GO, but it is a more accessible and modern FPS that rewards intelligent time and coordinated teamwork as much as the goal. Siege’s learning curve is the result of all the things (characters, gadgets, maps and designed weapons) that have been added since December 2015. Finally, however, you have to choose operators, map positions and roles with which you feel at your own ease. Ubisoft continues to support Siege by removing four major updates per year and regular fixes.


With colorful Overwatch characters and the bright and integrative world, Blizzard has taken the world of team hero shooters to a whole new market. Teams of six take on the role of a tank, a DPS and a healer to fight for goals, not just for most kills. And with an increasing number of 27 heroes, there is a character that adapts to almost any style of play.

Fortnite Battle Royale

What started as a sterile PUBG tee became the Minecraft generation sand protection. Fortnite’s construction system rewards good shooting and attention to architecture and spreads the Battle Royale footage from green willows to improvised skyscrapers that were put together in a minute. With ridiculously frequent Epic Games updates introducing new weapons, traps, tools and skins, Fortnite is easily worth the entry price and even then it’s worth mastering such an abrupt and irregular construction system.

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League of legends

MOBAs are stimulating and rewarding competitive games because they require teamwork, quick response times and knowledge of the initial, intermediate and final phases, which vary according to the role. And if you want to play one, LoL is the best place to start. League of Legends has considerable stamina as one of the most popular games in electronic sports for several reasons. First of all, it creates the right balance between depth and accessibility for a MOBA. A giant list of heroes means you could spend years learning the game’s specs, but mechanically it’s less demanding than Dota 2 and more complicated than Heroes of the Storm. Secondly, Riot Games hasn’t been afraid to make major changes to the map, characters and other systems over the years. So there is always something new to learn.

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