Best PS4 Games Of 2019

The list of the best PS4 games is an excellent example of the highest number of titles that the current Sony console has to offer. It doesn’t matter how many of the upcoming PS4 games look fantastic, but all of this means that with the arrival of the PS5 it will be even more competitive. especially when we get closer to the inevitable PS5 games.
But now is the time to make sure you’ve seen the best this generation has to offer. There’s a confusing number of games on offer, but if you’re looking for the biggest exclusive titles like God of War and Spider-Man PS4, third party AAA additions like Red Dead Redemption 2 or just great one-off offers, we’ll do it for you have been covered.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Not everyone will sign up for Kingdom Hearts 3 for their story. If you don’t follow Soras and antics for years, you will be pretty confused about what’s going on. But probably, just like me, you could also be here for Disney. Donald Duck and Goofy are your best friends, Mickey is the Kign, but during this wild trip you will find many more new friends in the Baymax line of Big Hero 6, all your best friends from Toy Story, the little boss of the Remy mice and even Boo and the Monsters Inc.

Dark souls 3

Dark Souls, the series that generated a hundred imitations thanks to its emphasis on the difficult but fair game, ended with Dark Souls 3, but that way out. With a variety of breathtaking locations (some grotesque, others majestic), the same perfected combat fanatics they hoped for, and a new emphasis on speed and versatility inspired by FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 is a wonderful summary of the series in your set; not as sparse as Dark Souls 2, not as rough on the edges as the original. If you were curious about Souls games, you should start here.

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Death Stranding

Death Stranding released a huge fanfare this year. If you like Hideo Kojima’s bizarre stories or find satisfaction in his game “Walk on Energy Drink Simulator”, this game will mark the end of the PS4 generation. They play as Sam Porter Bridges, a post-apocalyptic postman in a world populated by survivors, Timefall rain showers that age and eventually destroy everything that touches them, and Beached Things or BTs, ghosts of the dead that can’t happen . There are also mules, crazy bandits for luggage, nightmarish villains Cliff and Higgs and BB, your baby sweater, who will help you avoid the BTs. Kojima also filled the stardom game, with Norman Reedus as Sam, Margaret Qualley as Mommy and an embarrassment for cameos in his column. You may not always like it, but you never played anything like that.


This modern reboot deserves the name Doom and is basically the FPS equivalent of a muscular body: it is fast, powerful and strikes incredibly strong. You wake up like a classic doomguy and start another wave of demon genocide in a Mars colony with a surprisingly fascinating plot that explains how you can kill so many infernal broods. It is very satisfying to pull out a super shotgun, which will forget a gnome’s bowels, and then perform a rapid and incredibly violent glory kill against the demon who captured fragments right behind him. Classic weapons and enemy types take advantage of new features such as fans and double jumps, making Doom one of the most fun and fast-paced shooters ever. Plus, you can get it super cheap now.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another contestant fighting for the Battle Royale crown. Apex Legends was developed by Respawn Entertainment and takes place in the Titanfall universe. It is a team-based battle royale shooter where teams of three compete against 57 other players to collect loot and be the last person (or troop) to stand.
Unlike Fortnite and PUBG, however, Apex Legends players see a class represented by a unique character (imagine that Fortnite mixes with Overwatch and you’re on the right track).

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the latest addition to the epic Assassin’s Creed franchise. The odyssey plays during the Peloponnese war and sees you trample Alexios or Kassandra’s sandals as they try to find out the truth about their history as they navigate the turbulent world of ancient Greece as mercenaries.

Odyssey is a graphically impressive PS4 game that takes you to the heart of ancient Greece and ensures you have a spot in our collection of the best PlayStation 4 games. Make sure you have time to play because you can enjoy over 100 hours of content

Battlefield 1

Not a Call of Duty fan? Battlefield 1 could be a good alternative. The first person shooter game takes players back to World War I and completely rejuvenates the once stagnant franchise.
The historical background of Battlefield 1 differentiates you from other modern military shooters on the market.

The game features a moving and entertaining single player campaign that sets a new standard for first person shooters. The campaign is divided into six sections, each with a different character and a privileged position. It is never boring or repetitive.


Of Souls’ enigmatic and notoriously inspiring software titles, everyone has critical praise and admirers, but none are stylistically as interesting as the almost industrial era of Bloodborne.
It is played as a role-playing game set that is indelibly set on a hidden difficulty level with all useful text popups removed, which means that the player needs more than a little patience.
But that’s the point: in Bloodborne for PS4, you get what you put into it. Victory is even more rewarding when you have seen your enemies, memorized their attack patterns, hitting them at the right time and surviving the perfect close combat of the game.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is a kind of reboot for the successful FPS franchise: remove zombie ornaments, jetpacks, double jumps and futuristic devices to find out what military engagement looks like in the 20th century.

Not even the name is random; Modern Warfare 2007 was a milestone in the Call of Duty series and Activision is trying to recreate what made the game of the same name so successful.
Modern Warfare is about the difficult realities of war. The title “Modern Warfare” refers to the equipment, weapons and devices used today in the Middle East and Russia, rather than the remote control. Science fiction fantasies.


Remedy Entertainment’s Control, the dark horse of 2019, is a very special action adventure.

Control is in the position of Jessie Faden, the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a government agency that investigates and ultimately wants to control paranormal activity. But Jessie’s new role has a number of issues that the job description doesn’t detail exactly, including the rise of a paranormal force known only as Hiss.

The affinity with which Remedy has promoted several difficult genres in both movies and games with control, while managing to provide a breathtaking story reminiscent of True Detective and Twin Peaks.

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